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2018 Holiday Homes and Lodges



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Why choose Willerby? 

Over the last seventy years, we've worked hard to gain our long established reputation for high quality, beautifully designed products. Our policy of continuous improvement and a customer-focused approach underline our commitment to remaining firmly at the forefront of the holiday home industry.  

A bit about Willerby. 

70 Years In The Making. From a small family business in the village of Willerby in 1946 to the sprawling 90 acre site in Hull of today, we're proud to manufacture all our holiday homes here in the UK. With seventy years' industry experience, our extensive knowledge of the processes and dedication to detail involved in creating a quality product is truly unsurpassed. 

Our People

Our people are genuinely passionate about what they do, from those who travel the globe to capture the latest design innovations, to those who ensure your holiday home is in perfect condition before it leaves our site. We employ only the very best designers, engineers, and craftsmen - many of whom have been with us for decades. There's a reason we've stayed around so long! 

Environmental Excellence

Willerby has a strong 'green conscience' and continues to lead the industry in the pursuit of environmental excellence. All our products pay careful consideration to the environment, from the sensible selection and consumption of raw materials, and the use of energy efficient appliances and fittings, right through to waste management during manufacture. 

It's all about you. 

Market-Leading Warranty Schemes
We're so confident in our superior design, construction and the overall quality of our products, that we offer the most comprehensive warranty schemes in the industry. Providing unrivaled cover and protection for your holiday home, these policies underline our commitment to providing you with total peace of mind. 

First-Class Customer Care
Our dedicated Customer Care team is on-hand to help on the very rare occasion that an issue does occur. Whats more, our team of highly-experienced, friendly engineers is the largest in the industry, meaning we can quickly come out to see you and ensure we resolve the issue to your satisfaction. 

Willerby Owners Club
Our Owners Club has been created to give our owners a range of special offers and benefits, available exclusively to those who own a Willerby or BK Bluebird holiday home or lodge. Already an owner? Register today at www.willerbyownersclub.com 

Superior Holiday Homes.

Extensive Choice Of Models
With our incredible 2017 collection boasting a wide range of stunning holiday homes - all available in a variety of sizes and specifications - there truly is a Willerby to suit all tastes and budgets. Did you know we also offer a luxury lodge range? 

Different Lifestyle Options
Whether you're looking for a home-from-home for weekend breaks and family holidays, or a luxury residential model for year-round comfort, we offer models built to both Holiday Home (EN 1647) or Residential BS 3632 (2015) specifications. All our models can also be enjoyed abroad. 

Outstanding Quality
We take great pride in our products, and we're passionate about maintaining our superior quality standards through an absolute dedication to detail. Our industry-leading manufacturing processes and highly-skilled technicians help us ensure that quality is truly at the heart of every single one of our products, all of which are produced in accordance with BSI Standards under an ISO 9001 registered Quality Management System.  

Stunning Interior Design
By putting interior design firmly at the heart of everything we do, we ensure that we deliver products our customers are proud to own. Taking inspiration from worldwide interior design exhibitions and the latest high street trends, our designers create beautiful, contemporary living spaces where you can relax, unwind and enjoy your leisure time.  

Technological Innovation
We pride ourselves on our reputation for market-setting innovation. From Argon-filled "Low E" double glazing and thermal insulation through to integrated sound systems and USB power sockets, Willerby really does lead the field when it comes to technological innovation.



  New 2018 Willerby Holiday Home Range 

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   The Vogue

It doesn't get much better than the Vogue. If you want a luxurious home with all the added extras you could ever need, the Vogue is something special and unique. You'll be the envy of your neighbours!

43ft x 13ft/2 Bed Model

Prices from £64,131.58

 u.3.Vogue1.jpg u.3.Vogue2.png

The Linear

The Linear is a home with loft living in mind. Its chic, minimalist furnishings offer unrivaled levels of comfort - perfect for those who like to stay on trend and holiday in style.

40ft x 13ft/2 & 3 Bed Models

Prices from £56,819.06

 u.3.Linear1.jpg u.3.2018 Linear.jpg

The Aspen

Quite simply, the Aspen will be the envy of all your friends. It exudes luxury and style and is in a class of its own. This is the home you could live in year round and wake up every single day knowing you have the most elegant home on the park.

40ft x 13ft/2 Bed Model & 42ft x 13ft/3 Bed Models

Prices from £50,039.57 

u.3.Aspen1.jpg u.3.Aspen2.png

The Sheraton & Sheraton Plus

Everytime you enter the Sheraton it feels like you're walking into a boutique country house hotel with its cashmere colouring and walnut accents.

40ft x 13ft/2 Bed 40ft x 14ft/2 Bed Models

Prices from £46,630.86

u.3.2018-Sheraton.jpg u.3.Sheraton2.png

 The Winchester

The Winchester has a unique secluded lounge layout that makes it feel homely and gives complete separation to the kitchen. 

38ft x 12.5ft/2 & 40ft x 12.5ft/3 Bed Models

Prices from £42,140.53

u.3.2018 Winchester.jpg u.3.2018 Winchester floor.jpg

 The Canterbury

The Canterbury is a home for everyone to enjoy with truly memorable holidays in mind. With accents of light blue and sandy beige throughout, you'll be able to relax and put your feet up as soon as you walk through the door.

35 to 40ft x 12.5ft/2 & 3 Bed Models

Prices from £37,071.16

u.3.2018 Canterbury.jpg  u.3.2018-Canterbury.jpg

 The Granada

This is the home to create memories in; you can imagine it being full of family and friends, laughter and love. No wonder the Granada is one of our best sellers.

29 to 40ft x 12.5ft/2 & 3 Bed Models

Prices from £33,275.06

u.3.Granada1.jpg u.3.2018 Granada floor.jpg

 The Avonmore

The Avonmore is quite simply affordable luxury. A timeless design that is perfect for couples and families looking to upgrade or find a second home away from home.

32 to 38ft x 12ft/2 & 3 Bed Models

Prices from £30,954.31

u.3.Avonmore1.jpg u.3.2018 Avonmore floor.jpg

The Brockenhurst

Designed for the fun-loving, sociable family who like to make the most of their time away.

35 & 38ft x 12ft/2 & 3 Bed Models

Prices from £29,976.49 

u.3.Brockenhurst1.jpg u.3.2018 Brockenhurst floor.jpg

The Richmond 

Designed to provide wheelchair users and their families with safe, easy access in a relaxing and comfortable space.

37ft x 12ft/2 Bed Model

Prices from  £33,471.09

u.3.2018 Richmond.jpg   u.3.2018 Richmond floor.jpg

The Skye 

The brand new Skye is a home with flexible family living in mind with enough space for everyone to relax, play or dream.

28 to 38ft x 12ft/2 & 3 Bed Models

Prices from  £27,360.50

u.3.2018 Skye.jpg u.3.2018 Skye floor.jpg

The Sierra

The Sierra is stylish, practical and affordable making it one of the most popular models in our range.

35 to 38ft x 12ft/2 & 3 Bed Models

Prices from £29,743.41

u.3.Sierra1.jpg  u.3.2018 Sierra floor.jpg

The Rio Gold 12

If you're looking for a spacious, modern and bright holiday home then look no further than the Rio Gold 12. The Rio Gold continues to be one of our most popular holiday homes as it has great content at an even better price.

28 to 37ft x 12ft/2 & 3 Bed Models

Prices from £23,424.35

u.3.2018 Rio Gold 12.jpg  u.3.2018 Rio Gold 12 floor.jpg

 The Rio Gold 10

If your park needs a smaller home then the Rio Gold 10 may just be the perfect solution. Part of the bigger Rio Gold 12 range, the 10 doesn’t lose any of the content, it’s just designed in a different way so you still get all the benefits and a fabulous home to boot. 

28 to 35ft x 10ft/2 & 3 Bed Models

Prices from £22,058.45

u.3.Rio 10.jpg u.3.2018 Rio Gold 10 floor.jpg

 The Lymington

The Lymington is the perfect entry level home for families of all shapes and sizes.

29 & 37ft x 12ft/2, 3 & 4 Bed Models

Prices from £22,843.64

u.3.Lymington1.jpg u.3.2018 Lymington floor.jpg

The Martin

With its spacious central lounge and, more importantly, a bedroom and shower room at either end, The Martin is perfect for holiday goers that like their privacy.

The Lymington is the perfect entry level home for families of all shapes and sizes.

34ft x 12ft/2 Bed Model

Prices from £22,349.87

u.3.2018 Martin.jpg  u.3.2018 Martin floor.jpg

The Willerby Holiday Home range is subject to availability at the time of placing an order.

Please confirm all prices with the Distributor or Park prior to completing your order.

Additional charges will be made by Park Operators and/or Distributors for additional options, transportation, commissioning and siting.

Please confirm all associated costs before completing your order.


New 2018 Willerby Lodge Range

The Clearwater 

If you've always dreamed of owning a holiday lodge but thought it was beyond your budget then you might be surprised by the Clearwater. This entry level lodge is at a great price point but hasn't skimped on quality.

40ft x 20ft/2 & 3 Bed Models

Prices from £69,017.72

u.3.Clearwater1.jpg u.3.2018 Clearwater.jpg

   The Pinehurst

The Pinehurst holiday lodge captures modern practical living with exceptionally well thought out design. No detail has been left out so from day one you can start living out your holiday dreams knowing that your investment has been worth every penny.

40ft x 20ft/2 & 3 Bed Models

Prices from £76,848.06

u.3.Pinehurst.jpg  u.3.2018 Pinehurst.jpg

 The Portland

This is the lodge that feels like a country house hotel, where the contemporary and traditional blend harmoniously together. Being a best seller, you'll love the distinctive features throughout, like the accent striped chair and kitchen larder. It's also very practical and comfortable; just pop a cork and you'll soon be enjoying the high life.

40 x 16ft/2 Bed Model & 40 x 20ft/2 & 3 Bed Models

Prices from £78,857.85

u.3.Portland 1.jpg  u.3.Portland 2.png

 The New Hampshire

If you want a top of the range holiday lodge then you'll love the New Hampshire. It’s been so thoughtfully designed and packed full of content that you'll never want to go back to your real house. It's light, comfortable and has everything you could ever need or want. It truly is a lodge to envy. 

42 x 16ft 2 & 3 Bed Models & 42 x 20ft/2 & 3 Bed Models

Prices from £103,559.64

u.3.New Hampshire 1.jpg  u.3.New Hampshire 2.png

 The Mulberry

The first lodge in our new premium botanical collection. Inspired by country living, the Mulberry lodge captures the heart as well as the imagination. Luxury whispers in your ear, as you touch, feel and see fabrics, furnishings and design details throughout your home. We've also considered your personal tastes so if our standard soothing yellow and grey theme is not your thing then we have included options to change to accents of purple or blue instead.

42 x 20ft/2 Bed Model

Prices from £150.000.00

u.3.Ridgewood 1.jpg  u.3.Mulberry - 42x40-2bed.png

 The Willerby Lodge range is subject to availability at the time of placing an order.

Please confirm all prices with the Distributor or Park prior to completing your order.

Additional charges will be made by Park Operators and/or Distributors for additional options, transportation, commissioning and siting.

Please confirm all associated costs before completing your order.